I am Dr. Jeffrey S Schussler

A podiatrist by profession for 30 years. At 52 years old, on September 19, 2009 I suffered a widow-maker cardiac arrest with a 20% chance of survival.

During my air flight to the operating room, I fantasized about being a colorful bird from a Caribbean Island, flying and landing somewhere, with the freedom to be anywhere at anytime, and allow my soul to feel no stress... total love and peace of mind.

The Doctor Bird, a red- billed streamertail hummingbird and the National Bird of Jamaica, would be that bird.

So this is my story, and this is the reason Jeffrey JamaicaTM Apparel and Accessories was born. I have made the choice to work to live rather than living to work. The Doctor Bird symbolizes freedom in a colorful world.

I hope to bring feelings of joy and peace to those who wear my designs. The Doctor Bird will be flying somewhere on every item made, sharing with you the feeling that I experienced on my flight that day.

The Doctor Bird and Jeffrey JamaicaTM will also donate 10% of its net sales to underprivileged children throughout the world via legitimate charities providing medical care. Please wear my designs to spread love and happiness in these stressful times.

Thank you, and please enjoy!


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Jeffrey Jamaica